A Message from the King:

The courage and commitment of the people on the Island of Kaua_i sent out a call we had to answer.

I have spent the past years quietly visiting with people, from the homeless to the powerful, to assess the state of the Kingdom. I have been assembling the necessary elements for putting in place a restored government.

When I witnessed the disintegration of the care taker government in the face of the Superferry, particularly the threatened use of law enforcement and even deadly force against people simply trying to enforce the law, I felt compelled to get more directly involved.

I have filed two declarations in the Federal litigation challenging the constitutionality and legality of the Department of Homeland Security Coast Guard security zone for Nawiliwili Harbor. I have filed an Order of Performance to the Hawai_i Supreme Court and will file an Update to that Order today.

I regret that the Kingdom is not sufficiently restored to provide law enforcement support for the Order to Cease and Desist. I call upon law enforcement to support the people and avoid entanglement with the conspirators and their allies in elected and appointed offices. Ultimately, the kuleana for illegal actions will rest squarely on the shoulders of those who take those actions, whether they acted "under orders" or not.

I call upon the people to publish the Cease and Desist Order at all public buildings, community bulletin boards, and other places where the people can learn of the Order. Any citizen in receipt of this message and the Order can consider themselves deputized to deliver the Order to elected officials, law enforcement, county prosecutors, or others who might be drawn into the illegal conspiracy to continue Superferry operation or the unconstitutional effort to overturn a final court decision through legislation.

The Kingdom stepped in to at least partially fill the void left by the disintegration of the care taker government. The Kingdom is restored.

Ali'i Nui Mo'i Edmund Keli'i Silva, Jr.

For further information regarding Ali_i Nui M___ Silva and the restored Kingdom of Hawaii, please visit www.KingdomofHawaii.org.

To send information or pose questions to His Majesty, you can send emails to Ali_i Nui M___ Edmund Keli_i Silva, Jr. HMKingdomofHawaii@gmail.com. Those emails will receive a response in the near future.