A quick note to remind you please take a few minutes from your day to fill in a survey at the goodfortheplanet.com website. The site supports the collection of data aimed at determining the social and economic value of surfing to coastal communities.

This innovative study is designed to increase awareness about the value of surfing to local areas and how inappropriate development and environmental negligence may put surf breaks, the surfing lifestyle and the surfing economy at risk.

The study has been welcomed by the Surfrider Foundation and Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) President, Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew. Information collected through the surveys together with data collected through other sources and techniques provides substantial evidence of the value of surfing to many coastal areas.

The data will be used to lobby government and business for their support of surfing and protection of the environment that sustains this burgeoning economic and lifestyle interest. Australian East Coast Surveys close on August 31. Global Survey closes October 31.

Still not convinced? As an added incentive, all completed surveys go into the draw for a new custom shaped surfboard!