As seen in TSP Issue 70, in mid 2008 the campaign 'El Mar, Mi Alma' and surfer/activist group 'Surfers for Cetaceans' journeyed the coast of Chile in lead up to the 'International Whaling Commission' conference in Santiago. The team led by Dave Rastovich travelled three thousand kilometers of Chilean coastline meeting with school children, universities, marine biologists, environmental groups, mayors, ministers, artists, fisherman and surfers to share and promote ideas on marine mammal conservation and the protection of our fragile coastal environments.

Joined by cinematographer Dave Homcy, we captured the amazing landscapes/seascapes of Chiles incredible coastline and some of the world's best surfers riding her beautiful waves. The 16mm surf film is due to be released later this year.

As part of this highly dynamic project we are also working to complete a documentary that explores Chile via the tour, also examining Chilean culture and connection to the sea. This documentary is also due for release late 2009.

Here we present to you the first footage from the tour to go on public exhibition. This piece, narrated by Hawaiian longboarder Crystal Thornburg, briefly highlights the campaign and some of the amazing surfing that took place on tour. Hope you enjoy!

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Thanks! Stephen Jones + Tatiana Velasco - Director/Producer

el mar, mi alma - Teaser (English) from Rebel Waltz Films on Vimeo.