Singer-songwriter and guitarist Tristan Prettyman and Virgin Records have donated "War Outta Peace," a track from Tristan's upcoming album Hello, to the non-profit Bonneville Environmental Foundation [BEF], which has used it in a DVD demonstrating the benefits of renewable energy to the organization's partners and supporters.

Virgin Records connected Prettyman with the BEF, which sells carbon-offsetting renewable energy certificates, called Green Tags, to replace traditional polluting sources of electricity with clean, secure, and renewable sources of energy that come from solar and wind power from across North America.

For donating "War Outta Peace," Prettyman will receive 30 Solar Green Tags from the BEF. Each Solar Green Tag represents one megawatt-hour of photovoltaic solar electricity and offsets approximately 1,295 pounds of CO2 emissions that would otherwise have been produced from electricity created from burning fossil fuels.

Prettyman's contribution to the BEF was a no-brainer for the eco-minded artist, who supported enough solar energy certificates from the organization to offset energy consumed in the recording of Hello - the San Diego, Calif., native's second album, which will be released by Virgin Records on April 15. The certificates for Hello offset approximately 38,000 pounds of CO2 emissions, the reduction equivalent of planting fives acres of trees or taking four cars off the road for one year.

"I was happy to donate my song to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation," Prettyman says. "It's just another way I can do my part for the environment." Prettyman drives a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, is an avid recycler, and purchases biodegradable cleaning products for her home. "I also have a little composting pile in my backyard, use canvas bags at the grocery store, and try to buy as many organic and fair-trade-certified items as possible."

"Madly," the first single from Hello, went to radio last month and Prettyman has confirmed spring tours for February 14 to March 7 (supporting G. Love & Special Sauce) and a headline run from March 19 to April 27. She will also appear on Last Call with Carson Daly on March 18.

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