Our oceanography editor Dr. Tony Butt is conducting some research for his upcoming book and magazine articles, and we're asking TSP readers to help by completing this very short questionnaire.

As a surfer, you’ll probably already know that the effects of climate change will likely be felt faster by us than by many other people. Spending most of our lives on the coast, we're right there on the ‘front line’, which makes us highly sensitive to things like increased ocean storminess, poor water quality, higher water temperatures and sea level rise. So, in theory, we should already be doing our best to minimize our impact. But are we? Or do we just think we are?

Of course, one major cause of climate change is human beings burning excessive fossil fuels, some of it in cars and planes. In the interests of finding out about surfers' habits in this regard, we're asking you to tell us a little about how much you fly and drive to find surf. If it’s zero, put zero. If it varies from year to year, just try to guess an average. And don't worry, there'll be no kangaroo eco-courts ... this is a strictly confidential, anonymous and non-judgemental survey.


Dr. Tony Butt

Please just follow this link. It’ll only take a minute.