Cleanup Includes Teaching Recycling and Respect for the Coast

While holding their Fantasy Surf Camp at Vaca Beach near Las Flores surf club, the Billabong crew were taken aback by the amount of plastic trash at nearby waves. While hosting their camp at the local break, the Billabong team decided it was only right to give back; giving the locals the education and resources to solve the more long-term trash problem that plagues the coastline in El Salvador.

While acknowledging that this effort couldn’t solve the whole problem, the main mission was to get the locals involved and show them how maintaining a clean environment would not only be healthier for the community, but attract more tourists to their tourism-based economy.

The Life on a Board Foundation, a non-profit group set up to combat this sort of situation, teamed up with Billabong to offer 60 board shorts and rash guards to those willing to help. Billabong donated all cleaning materials, board shorts, t-shirts, and sandals to be given to all who assisted with the cleanup.

Over 50 locals turned out to clean the beach and it was a tremendous success. Tara Angioletti of Girls Gone Surfing hosted the cleanup for coverage by Fuel TV. She was able to speak directly to the locals about the importance of the cleanup and the locals overwhelmingly agreed it was a problem they needed to solve.

In the end over 100 bags of trash were filled and brought in to be recycled. A small local band, appropriately named “Las Vacas locos”, provided music and good spirits while 12 local surfers took part in a locals-only contest.