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Sad news today of the passing of one of surfing's great characters. Bob Meistrell, along with his brother Bill, are top contenders for the title 'inventors of the wetsuit'. In the 19502, around the same time Jack O'Neil was messing with neoprene rubber to create his first wetsuit, the Meistrells also began making suits out of the insulating material used in the back of refrigerators.

The wetsuits they created fit so well they started company and called it Body Glove.

Bob Meistrell died on Father's Day while changing the filters on the engine of his boat the Disappearance as he prepared to follow his son and nephews in a paddleboard race in California.

Over the years at TSP we've run interviews with the Meistrell brothers and we'd like to send our condolences to his Bob's family, friends and the crew at Body Glove.

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"Bob Meistrell, nephew Billy, grandnephew Daly and grandniece Jenna awoke at 4:30 a.m. Father’s Day morning aboard Meistrell’s 70-foot, twin diesel boat Disappearance. That morning, Disappearance was to be the lead boat in the Rock 2 Rock Paddleboard race from Two Harbors on Catalina Island to Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro. Over the nearly three decades Meistrell had owned Disappearance, he had volunteered to drive the lead boat in countless paddleboard races.

Daly was competing in the Rock 2 Rock.

Two hours after rising and just minutes after the start of the race, Meistrell suffered a fatal heart attack."

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