As the ASP world tour moves on to Keramas on the island of Bali, here are some little sneak previews of the wave itself.

Not long ago Keramas was a secret spot on the wrong side of the island. Sitting on the East-facing side of the Bukit Peninsula, the wave gets only slightly less swell than the wide-open classics like Uluwatu, and at Keramas, the wind often comes onshore mid-morning. But don't let that put you off. The wave itself, mainly a right, breaks like Backdoor mixed with Lower Trestles, over a shallow, sharp reef. So that means legit barrels plus multiple aerial opportunities - which is why the onshore wind might not matter, too much.

First, pretty much all locals, and all good – a session at Keramas that went down in early May.

Below that, some serious hero-worship, surf-god-in-all-his-glory slo-mo footage of Kelly Slater surfing over three days in Bali, mostly Keramas. Whaddayareckon?

Think the guy's got a hope in hell of winning this thing?

Surfing Session Keramas May 10th, 2013, by

(Lee Wilson, Mustofa Jeksen, Betet Merta, Nathan Webster, Ellis Ericsson, and Claire Bevilacqua score solid Keramas on Friday May 10, 2013. Filmed by Ivan Tanjung. Music "Our Hearts Are Wrong" by Jessica Lea Mayfield. Produced by

Three Days in Bali With Kelly Slater, By Chris Bryan

(All pictures where shot on the Red Epic in 4K in Bali over three days. Edit: Tom Hannam)