Green Wave Award Nominees

These are the people, companies or organisations that you thought deserved recognition for their outstanding work in making surfing a cleaner, greener, kinder activity, and they range from big corporations to solo beach litter cleaners ...

Photo by Al Mackinnon.

One Year On: Core Issues and Flying Dust in Clark’s Tailwind

Cutting deep into the fast-changing world of foam and the stuff our boards are made of, our man with the inside line assesses developments since Clark Foam’s demise. Radical, increasingly green, and good news for board buyers.

Words by Mark Gray • Photos by Todd Saunders, Jack English, Erin Kunkel, David Aumentado, Chris Hagan, John Callahan.

Hours of Darkness: Trailing the Raven in Haida Gwaii

The islands off Canada’s west coast get hit by a lot of weather – heavy weather that often won’t let up for days or weeks on end. In terms of waves, that’s good news if you can find a nook or cranny that’ll clean it up. Follow the raven, you’ll probably score.

Words by Mike Kew • Photos by Chris Burkard, Hodgson/Aframe, Nelly, Todd Glaser, Paul Moha.

The Silvery Lining

A spot of drizzle never bothered Linda Cuy. After wandering far from Malibu with her notorious partner, she took off on her own and landed in Easkey, Ireland, where the waves were magic, the people warm, and rusty vehicles made perfect homes for a decade or two.

Words by Linda Cuy • Photos from the Linda Cuy Collection.

Karma Africa

He normally cruises the colder fringes of the British Isles, so a trip to SA was quite a mission for regular TSP photographer Al Mackinnon. At first, he wasn’t that impressed – the waves were pretty good, but not much better than home. Then, suddenly, something XXXtra-special appeared ...

Words and Photos by Al Mackinnon.

Sgian Bàn (White Knife)

Early 1970s, Cornwall: Angus Lamond was an adventurer with an itch. He’d already sailed the southern oceans and surfed all over the UK, but he had an eye for the waves off Scotland’s western isles. So he built Sgian Bàn, the perfect weapon for the job.

Words by Peter Robinson • Photos by Angus Lamond.

Wave of Compassion

A great idea – join SurfAid and maybe, just maybe, you’ll win a free trip to Sumatra’s islands to join a couple of pro surfers in meeting and helping out local communities ... and surfing whatever the gods offer you. Paul Bryan won the trip, but thousands benefited.

Words by Lewis Samuels • Photos by Steven Lippman.

Surfer: Old

A fictional tale of stone-cold water and a life that packed a punch. When Machter, a former boxer, takes heavy blows from the mother of all opponents – the ocean herself – time doesn’t exactly expand, it caves in. Pushed deep, memories filter up to the warm light of day.

Words by Alex Wade • Illustrations by Tom Haskett.

A Jason Murray Perspective

A former photo editor at Surfer mag, these days Jason specializes in strategic assaults on high-quality waves, many of them completely off the radar, with a tight group of extremely talented surfers. Here are a few gems from last winter’s journeys.

Words and Photos by Jason Murray.

A Tale of Two Cats and The Copy Cat

Excerpts from Greg Noll: The Art of The Surfboard by Drew Kampion, in which our hero designs a signature model for an anti-hero of equal stature, Miki Dora. ‘Da Cat’ boards were considered highly desirable by some but undervalued by others. Two tales of Noll’s Cats.

Words by Mark Fragale and Kampion/Noll.