Google Earthspots

Travel has changed, hasn’t it? No more wondering whether there are waves in … ? Just head up into space, look down and find the coastline you want, then zoom in. Wanna see the lay of the land? Tilt your angle and fly along the shore. All your questions answered, and then some.

Words by Antony ‘Yep’ Colas • Photos by Google Earth

Dog Eat Dog

The Philippine dream! Including: beach barbeques with dog on a spit; runaway typhoons; Pipe-like lefts that can pierce a man through; stolen boards: and foreigners who think they’re more local than the locals. Still, sounds like a great trip.

Words and Photos by Tor Johnson

Ireland’s Celtic Surfari

Legendary pilgrims get back on the road, revisiting old haunts and haunting all old reefs and beaches. The formerly empty waves are now … sometimes empty, too. But Irish surfing has come a long way since that first glimpse of potential from the back seat of a car.

Words by Kevin Naughton • Photos by Craig Peterson

Silver Surfari

Irish surfers old and new seemed pretty stoked to have a carnival of grey or balding groms rolling up Ireland’s west coast just as a solid autumn pulse set the peaks on fire. The old crew have come a long way, and so has the path they pioneered. Still good … to be sure.

Words and Photos by Alan Rich

Chasing the Lotus

The fine art of being there at the right time, as perfected by two of surfing’s most technically talented and least-known chroniclers. Their lenses bore witness to a ton of perfect days in far-off places like Santosha, Uluwatu and Maui, plus most of surfing’s best stylists.

Words by Adam Neff • Photos by Greg Schell, Spyder Wills & Greg Weaver

Kim Bradley: It’s a Fly’s Life

Nestled close to the Tree of Knowledge, surfer, shaper and familyman ‘Fly’ keeps to the shade these days. He’s had a long life of close involvement with Bali’s waves and surfing scene, which he helped nurture from nothing. His life of carving creative lines continues in balsa.

Words by Mike Frood • Photos by John Hepler

Ghost-Riding Robin Hood

An excerpt from the soon-to-be-published novel, Sweeney On-The-Fringe, in which the likeably bad-ass Sweeney finds something to do on the snowy morning of his first day out of the slammer. The best swell in decades helps. Legend.

Words by Owen Kivlin • Illustrations by Mark Sutherland

Willy Uribe Portfolio

Basque waves and lineups further afield are only part of Willy Uribe’s neverending trip. He has an artist’s eye for more than just heavy water, intense moments and the beauty of it all. This glimpse into Willy’s European wanderings is long overdue and well worth savouring.