A Full Moon Moment: Dead Ends, Big Macs, and Righthanders in Panama

These guys went looking for the threatened Rio Teta to see what damage a proposed dam might do to the beachbreaks nearby (some), but they also found a hotel menagerie, an assortment of high-powered weaponry, and a pointbreak which the locals call Jeffreys – for good reason.

Words by James Pribram & Will Henry • Photos by Will Henry

How I Spoiled a Chilean Surf Town for Everyone (Sorry)

There’s a town on that cold Pacific coast which is home to the ‘Chilean Pipeline’ and several other very serious waves. After getting his butt kicked at a couple of them, the Australian author discovered his own little barrel heaven nearby – and proceeded to dominate it. The awful consequences are apparent today.

Words by Tim Baker • Photos by Josh Kimball & Ted Grambeau

The Last El Dorado: Colombia’s Mystic Playground

Photos of good surf don’t come out of here very often, even though Colombia does have a few thriving urban surf scenes. The place has a rep for being dangerous, but it has a lot of coast, too. Low-key travel is the way to go, and, surf-wise, low expectations could well be rewarded.

Words & Photos by Stéphane Robin

An Embarrassment of Riches: A David Pu’u Portfolio

A gallery of waves and water from a master of those mediums. Former pro surfer, shaper, businessman, and now a film-maker, David Pu’u is a waterman with an artist’s eye. Here’s just a few of many, and all good.

Escape to Idyll: A Cook Islands Memoir

Remote, shallow, and generally unsurfed, this string of Pacific pearls hides some rare, clear-blue gems. But finding surfable waves isn’t always that easy, and when you do see them, sometimes decisions have to be made about risk versus thrill. Tempting place, though.

Words & Photos by Michael Kew

Beyond the ’fro: Life off the Tour and off the grid with Rob Machado

This man plays a great tune and surfs a smooth, fast line in waves from ankle to high-rise size. Liberated from the Pro Tour, RM is flying free in the land of the experimental and has built himself a life as subtle and stylish as his surfing.

Words by Marc Anders • Photos by Marc Anders, Jeff Flindt & Patrick Trefz

Travel and See: Highlife in Ghana

Music and colour and seeping pollution are some of the ups and downs of surfing in a country that, despite being featured in Endless Summer in 1966, is virtually surfer-free. But by feeling out the rhythm of the place, these guys found pointbreaks pulsing in perfect time … and learnt all about West African highlife. Watch out for the wrecks!

Words by Sam Bleakley • Photos by John Callahan / Tropicalpix

An Embarrassment of Riches II: Al Mackinnon Portfolio

Some of the waves being discovered in the northeast Atlantic are so heavy that the region is seriously interesting some of the world’s best big-wave riders. But the locals have been enjoying the juice for a while. Photos from the last five years of hunting with the crew.