Green Wave Awards

Announcing the winners of our 2nd annual search for the people, companies and organizations making the surf world more eco-logical and humanfriendly. Nine awards, 11 winners. How does that work?

Photos by: Gavan Goulder, Gavan Goulder, Chris Rolhoff, Denis Poroy, Jesse Colorado Swanhuyser, Mark Gordon, Alan van Guysen and Jason Feast.

Post-Tsunami Mission to the Northern Mentawai Islands

Planting seeds and riding ragged reefs in the remote fringes, a Patagonia posse travelled to see where their fundraiser dollars actually went to, and to help recovering villages grow healthily, organically.

Words by: Belinda Baggs, Jeff Johnson and Adam Kobayashi

Photos by: Jeff Johnson

Echoes of Santosha

Of course we can’t say where this place is (clue: it’s somewhere in your mind) because the waves are too good and they’re still pretty much empty of outsiders. Should we even have run this story? Is this a conspiracy? Sorry, can’t tell you.

Words and Photos by: Stuart Butler

USA Road Trip

A West Coast boy heads out to discover more about his country… on the way to meet some hurricane juice at the furthest end of the road. Everything works out sweet in the end. Amazingly, even the hurricanes oblige.

Words and Photos by: Josh Kimball

Folio: Sparkes in the Water

Dave Sparkes has been shooting great surf images for decades, but recently he’s started nailing shots he thought were virtually impossible. Typically humble, he claims he’s not quite there yet, but from our point of view, his PoV is out of this world!

Words and Photos by: Dave Sparkes

Eco-Warriors in New Zealand

Our duo of wave-saving eco-surfers hits New Zealand, where one of the country’s oldest surf scenes – centred around the awesome Whangamata sandbar – is in jeopardy. Along the way they meet local campaigners, a Maori leader in Parliament, and some bad-ass marine creatures. Help save this wave, please.

Words by: James Pribram and Will Henry

Photos by: Will Henry

How Green is the Mainstream?

The surf industry’s core companies haven’t, up to now, put the eco thang at the forefront of their daily workings. But all that’s changing, according to our correspondent, who surveyed the core and found its green shoots starting to bud.

Words by: Brendan McAloon

Photos by: Jason Childs, Juan Fernandez

Peak Oil

While we’re all worrying about greenhouse gases and carbon footprints, apparently tanker surfers, and everyone else, should be most concerned about a lack of the black juice that keeps modern civilization ticking. For most of us: no supertankers, no surfing.

Words by: David Strahan

Artwork by: Phil Brown

Cloud Surfing

The guys who ride these waves don’t even get their hair wet! They drop into honest-to-God waves, thousands of feet high and thousands of kilometres long; they even get barreled and do off the tops. Just don’t wipe out if you take your mum with you!

Words and photos by Barry Slade