Haitian Fight Song

Haiti is so poor that it is sometimes known as a fourth world country, and so rich in energy and spirit that most travellers are scared away. Haiti makes up half of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola and (unlike its other half, the Dominican Republic) has hardly been surfed. But these veteran surf searchers weren’t put off – they rocked up and danced over the danger.

Words by Sam Bleakley • Photography John S Callahan/tropicalpix.com

60 Paths

In celebration of our 60th issue DC Green, Adil Karfa, Tony Butt, Vince Ward, Easkey Britton, Bill Hamilton, Fernando Aguerre, Herbie Torrens, Simao Romao, Ned McMahon, Dave Rastovich, Kelly Slater, Emmett Malloy, Vince Deur, Gary Lynch, Matt George, John McCarthy, Marcus Ludewig, Derek Hynd, Chris Hines, Prof. Ricky Grigg, John Severson, Jesse Faen, Matt Kivlin, Anthony Marcotti, Nik Zanella, Timo Raminez, Tim Baker, Richard Tognetti, Max Mills, Nat Young, Mike Kew, Ollie Fitzjones, Ricardo Borghi, Peter Joseph Burtt, Bruce Sutherland, Ned McMahon, Tom Rezvan, Hugo Tagholm, Justin Wallace, Craig Jarvis, Trenchfoot, Allan Weisbecker, Steven Kotler, Greg Noll, Bob Carson, Dan Price, Dale Webster, Pamela Clark, John Peck, Brian Keaulana, Bob MacTavish, Mandi Caruso, Pico, Eddie Veder, Jack Johnson, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver and Sandow Birk explain how the path has affected their lives.

Words by 60 Surfers • Photos and artwork by yet more surfers

The Fall and Rise of Jimmy McMillan

His path is guided by surfing, but not defined by it. Once, his mind took him to some dark places, but he found resolution and personal revolution by hitchhiking Australia’s coasts, penniless, to aid tsunami victims. Jimmy’s a true artist, so his possibilities are endless.

Words by Derek Hynd • Photos by Paul Sargent, Ian Burrell, Juan Fernandez, Ketut Pranti, Johnny Veague.

Brian Nevins Portfolio

We first met Brian on the TSP Mentawai mission for Issue 33, where he came along at the last minute, his first job as a pro surf photographer. First day, first surf, first ten seconds, his waterhousing flooded and killed the camera. We worried he might be a kook. But he had more cameras, nailed a sackful of great land and boat shots, and hasn’t stop storming the surf-photo world since. Good shooter, good guy.

The San Diego Surf Report

A couple of times a year the surf industry’s groins and brains gather to meet and exchange fluids in a giant expo hall in San Diego, so it’s a good place to do a health check. Is surfing really going ‘green’ or is it business as usual in there? Is all the eco-talk of the last year showing up in the industry that’s been built on our passion? We probed and saw signs of life.

Words by Enrique Gili • Photo by Todd Glaser