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Dragon proudly presents a project all about slowing down and exploring the life and times of one of the most iconic surfers on the planet- Rob Machado. From starting out as a young professional surfer pushing progression, to putting the soul back in surfing and raising environmental awareness along the way, the Experience is all about the life and times of our good friend Rob.

Dragon launches a new exclusive frame, the Experience including 3 colorways:

Momentum*, Mellow Tort** and ECO***.

To support the release of the Machado Experience, Dragon has developed, in partnership with yourriding.com, a unique online video game. The Rob Machado Online Experience – the Dragon Web Game. The game is a worldwide initiative that runs from June 1st to August 31st 3 games - 3 months - 9 waves 1 winner

An original concept: Rob welcomes everyone to his world, to share his life experience, but only 1 opportunity to come to California to hang with Rob himself for one week. 1 web user per region [Europe – Latin America – Australia – Japan – USA] will be invited to come to California from September 13th to 19th to be with Rob Machado. The 5 winners will be sharing a house, on the coast of South California. Everyday they will go surf with Rob, go to the WCT event at Trestles and lots more…