You’re heading on a surf trip and wanna take some action photos from the lineup. One glitch: Your camera isn’t waterproof. No worries. Just slip it inside an Aquapac.

These flexible plastic cases are 100% waterproof, and you can still operate all of your camera’s functions while it’s sealed safely inside the bag.

Aquapac works best for cameras with push-button controls. Mine has dial controls, but I was still able to operate it, though it took a bit more work. You simply shoot directly through the clear plastic. Or, if you have a telescoping zoom lens, try the newest Aquapac with the built-in hard lens port.

You’ll be surprised how good the photos are (we’re not talking Art Brewer quality, but pretty darn good). Best of all, your camera stays bone dry, and you didn’t have to drop hundreds of bucks on a hard-shell housing.