After several months of beatings and a bag full of made waves, Sannyasi can now show you one of their Eco Veneer prototypes.

This lightweight eco surfboard is glass free and has less than 25 grams of Epoxy resin, (which is used to bond the leash plug and fins). The recyclable Polystyrene core is Stringer free and the Vacuum formed sustainably sourced veneer is bonded around the hand shaped foam rail. This approach is difficult to master but makes for a strong surfboard and uses at least 60% less wood than the commonly accepted 'cut the rail off and glue it back on' method. You will never get an eco board that way as you need the glass and a bucket of epoxy to hold the thing together.

All Sannyasi veneer bonds are done with our own Starch polymer that is around 80% renewable the gloss finish is Ecocomp UV-L, made in the UK. The composite has been designed to bio degrade but admittedly this will take a while as longevity has also been designed in. As with all Sannyasi Eco Surfboards, this board has a bio plastic leash plug from Green Light Surfboard Supply and is complimented with one of our own Hemp loops, a bomb proof combination.