Over the years, I’ve experimented with a variety of different ways to store my quiver. I’ve built my own racks from wood, PVC pipes, and foam pipe insulation and purchased various pre-made rack sets, some of which were way more complicated to install than they should’ve been. Thankfully, the Nice Rack is about as simple-to-install as it gets: Screw in the wall mounts, and pop on the padded support bars. As your quiver grows just pop on another set of racks – the wall mounts snap together like LEGO building blocks.

The Nice Rack also looks good enough to ensure girlfriend- or wife-approval to have them in your home. They’re made of recycled ABS plastic from clean, post-industrial overruns and surplus. Though their packaging is already mostly made of recycled materials, if you buy a set, order it with the “Naked Shipping” option, which further reduces the amount of cardboard and plastic used in shipping.

US$25; thenicerack.com