Greenlight’s "Minimal Waste Philosophy" in Surfboard Supplies

Greenlight Surfboard Supply is leading the growing movement toward manufacturing and supplying surfboard building materials that are sustainable and have the least impact on our delicate ecosystems.

Pioneering non-petroleum based plastics in the surfing industry, these leash plugs are molded from a brand new bio-plastic derived from corn starch, which is bio-degradable yet resistant to salt water, sun, and sand. In the spirit of Greenlight's "Minimal Waste Philosophy", their bio-plastic leash plug was designed and reinforced to use minimal material but maximum strength.

In keeping with their “green” business model, Greenlight Surfboard Supply also donates $1.00 from each Green Plug sale to Trees for the Future to help restore natural tree cover to barren lands, a very cost-effective way to continuously remove carbon dioxide (the major "greenhouse gas") from the global atmosphere.

Stay tuned as Greenlight Surfboard Supply announces new discoveries in green manufacturing and sustainable surfboard building materials that are eco-friendly.