This is for those welcome days when the water starts warming up again and it’s time to trade in the old full-suit for a rubber top or a rashie.

On the heels of some notable greener wetsuit introductions this past season from Patagonia and Body Glove, comes the new one mil-thick Body Glove Eco Surf Shirt.

This thing is made from a non-toxic, limestone-based foam rubber, and production of the top consumes just one-tenth the energy normally used in manufacturing petroleum-based wetsuits. It’s as stretchy and comfy as my other tops, but the fit is a bit generous, so size down if you’re in between sizes.

Also from Body Glove is the Eco Rashguard. It’s a pretty basic rashie but is made out of an earth-friendly blend of bamboo and charcoal that keeps the sun off and naturally resists odors. Sweet.

$90 and $50;