This is the most weatherproof coat I’ve ever owned. It’s strange – there’s no padding, wadding, fleece or down in there – just a flexible three-ply, almost wetsuit-like, textured fabric that blocks the wind, keeps out water and keeps you warm but never gets clammy. Now in its second year of almost constant use, I can’t see a ding on the damn thing and haven’t been bothered by even the most northerly of gales. Like a wetsuit, its seams are sealed with 22mm tape while the cuffs have easy Velcro tighteners and the zips are no nonsense, waterproof. Totally solid, totally weatherproof. Stoked.

But it gets better. The fabric used to make the Storm Track is done so guaranteeing “the greatest possible exclusion of substances which are harmful to humans and/or the environment, as well as the most economical use of resources in manufacturing,” which sounds ok to me. Finisterre is a small company big on ethics. They genuinely seem to be doing what they can to minimise and mitigate as they grow, taking the Patagonia approach by aiming for stuff that works, lasts and has the lowest possible impact on the environment. Of course that means you’re likely to pay a bit more for it.