Finisterre has spent the last six years flying under the radar, honing their production, fabric and unconventional approach business. This past year, they decided to test the waters, laying out brand and product for some of the industry’s hardest critics, associations and customers to review. The end result was winning some of Europe’s most prestigious awards - the Observer Ethical Business Award and the Surfers Path Green Wave Award as well as two nominations at ISPO (Europe’s largest trade show) for New Brand and Volvo Eco-Design.

This year they are once again launching their Limited Edition and highly exclusive line of technical apparel. The range consists of NikWax Analogy fabrics in their top end waterproofs, a super lightweight recycled polyester puffer jacket, a casual polycotton jacket (waterproofed with beeswax), fine merino sweaters and base layers. As in previous years, they’ll be keeping the line lean and the total number of garments even leaner. To get a sneak peak at a few of the limited edition pieces within the coming range and to secure an order, visit the website.

“This is still the same place it was six years ago, people fly in and out as they please, we continue to ask questions and challenge convention. We are starting to find better answers to these questions and above all, the passion is greater than ever. We still have a way to go – just the start of the journey. When people begin to recognise what we have been doing for six years and throw some awards our way, it’s seriously humbling," said founder Tom Kay.