DVS Shoes and Laguna Beach Artist/Surfer Wolfgang Bloch have gotten together to design an “eco-friendly” sandal for the Spring ’08 season. Bloch likes to work with mixed media revealing the inherent beauty in the most basic and often overlooked objects and materials such as wood, scrap metal, cardboard, and resin. He has incorporated his vision beautifully into this functional sandal made of recycled materials. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Pro Pueblo Foundation of Ecuador. The fund assists coastal villages with education and sustainability. DVS is proud to be a part of such a great collaboration!

"Concern for our beaches and oceans is very important to both DVS and Wolfgang and we are extremely excited to be collaborating on an environmentally sensitive sandal for the DVS brand with an esteemed artist such as Wolfgang!" said Brandy Faber, DVS Surf Brand Manager.

Sandal Features:

The “Ziggy Wolfgang” features water-based heat transfer footbed graphic designed by the artist himself. Wolfgang pays homage to Ecuador, the country where he was born, by incorporating Ecuadorian coffee bags into the sandal’s burlap style top sheet. The midsole is blended cork with EcoTrue™ for comfort and can be completely recycled. The outsole is made of reused car tires. All other materials used on the sandal are either recycled, or can be recycled. The goal was to create a sandal with a lesser impact on the environment. Bloch reflects upon his message: “I hope we can all spend a few moments discovering forgotten aspects of our nature, and become more aware of the consequences of our often hurried and thoughtless actions.”

About Wolfgang Bloch:

Wolfgang Bloch was born and raised in Ecuador. At the age of twelve, he discovered the joy of surfing, and along with it a place that would serve as a perennial source of sanctity and inspiration: the ocean and its environs. His belief is that, “Sky, water, and earth are the elements common to every session a surfer enjoys” and as such, they are the primary elements depicted in his work. He turns simple discarded materials we often discount as profane, into paintings to elevate them into something beautiful.