Honestly, I was skeptical when a note about Arbor’s new surf trunks passed across my desk. Though Arbor is a cool and environmentally progressive brand, they focus mostly on skate and snow. Recently we’ve tested a handful of so-called ‘surf trunks’ from non-surf brands – none of which you’ll ever see featured in these pages, because they sucked. But these Arbor Roundhouse Trunks are the exception.

They’re made of a blend of 60% polyester/40% bamboo, which is more sustainable than cotton and yields more yarn than hemp. The fabric is lightweight, has a smooth feel, and is pretty darn well suited to surfing since bamboo is naturally quick-drying, hypo-allergenic and antibacterial. To properly test these trunks, I surfed in them every day for a week, never once rinsing them out. I just left them in the bed of my truck or hanging on the fence, yet every session I was stoked by how good they felt on (no rash!) and how quickly they dried afterwards.

These are minimalist trunks with exactly the features you need (a simple pocket with a key-keeper) and nothing more. They’re not too baggy or tight; not too long or ball-hugging. They’re just right – and that’s Stuff I Like.

US$54, GB£54.90, AUS$56; arborsports.com