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Stuff I Like Patagonia


Undercover Dry

At first glance, the Patagonia Federale jacket simply looks like a vintage army shirt – plain olive green with buttons up the front and a single chest pocket. The style is clearly understated and timeless. But what you can’t see is that this lightweight overshirt/jacket is actually pretty darn water resistant. It’s made of 74% organic cotton and 26% nylon and treated with a durable water repellent (DWR). While it won’t keep you totally dry in a downpour, it does make a pretty good light rain jacket if needed. If you’re in an environment where you’re regularly getting caught out by showers – a rainforest, for instance, any other wet wilderness or even a rainy urban environment – this shirt will keep the worst of the wetness off and keep your style understated. It’s actually perfect for surf travel in locales where you don’t want to stand out anymore than necessary. When it’s brand new, the fabric feels a little stiff, but a quick wash and tumble dry softens it up a lot. With it’s hidden tech and mellow styling, the Federale is a really useful multipurpose addition to a surfers’ travel kit.

$99 USD; patagonia.com Mark Anders


Boost Endurance and More

Here’s a line of powdered food supplements that we’ve been sampling and found excellent for surfers. Organic Burst’s range of options are all ‘superfoods’ and even if you’re skeptical about anything with ‘super’ in front of it, it’s pretty hard to deny that these organic plant products are packed full of stuff your body appreciates. Boabab, for instance contains a huge amount of Vitamin C as well as several alkalising minerals and plenty of iron. Acai berry has some of the most powerful antioxidant effects known in nature, which means it’s good for your skin, as well as all its other health benefits. If you’re a long-term surfer, you’ll have stored up a lot of damaged skin cells, so this kind of addition to your breakfast might make a lot of sense. The one I’ve been taking is Maca root, which increases endurance. Apparently this radish-like plant found only high in the Andes was the food of choice for Inca warriors going into battle. I liked to think it boosted me into the day even more than a straight fruit smoothie on its own. These kind of supplements can go in drinks, or on cereal or if you’re tough enough, simply be taken by the spoonful and maybe washed down with some water. The full line of available supplements includes: Spirulina, Maca root powder, Baobab, Wheatgrass and Acai berry.

100g powder/capsules: GBP£4.90 (Maca) - £18.90 (Acai)

www.organicburst.com Alex Dick-Read



Wild west-style water jacket

Remember those long, old-school, below-the-knee riding coats from the Australian outback (Driza-Bone) and the wild west shows? Well, those were the inspiration for the C4 Neoprene Waterman Coat. And if Crocodile Dundee had been a surfer, he’d definitely have worn one of these. Constructed entirely of 2mm black neoprene, this long coat doesn’t have bells and whistles, just a pair of zippered hand pockets, Velcro cuffs, a nice hood and good look. But it’s comfy. It actually feels like you’re wrapped inside a cozy neoprene cocoon, which essentially you are. The Waterman Coat is just the thing for cutting the chill from, for instance, a jetski ride, a boat ride back from the break, sitting in a lifeguard tower on a blustery fall day, or warming up after a winter surf. We did some rain testing with the jacket and suffice to say, it’s not exactly “Driza-Bone" because it’s made of neoprene. It will keep you relatively dry and warm in moderate rain, but if you get into the heavy driving stuff, you’re gonna get wet. The seams on the jacket are not taped so we experienced leaking there. That said, if you’re not planning on taking on a downpour and you want warmth and splash protection, this Waterman Coat is definitely a unique and useful piece of gear to own.

$299 USD; c4waterman.com MA

StuffILike BioLite stove


Cook & Charge

Hiking to ride waves is one of the best things you can do as a surfer but you have to make sure everything you carry on your back is worth bringing. One piece of gear that fits the bill is the BioLite CampStove, a mid-size stove that can also recharge your gadgets. Simply toss in some wood, pinecones, etc., light it up and a tiny fan gets the fire raging. Then, as your dinner cooks, the stove (through the miracle of science, which I can’t explain) converts the fire's heat energy into electrical power so you can charge your GPS, iPhone, camera, etc. via a USB that plugs right into the stove! It’s big-ish, weighs 2.25lbs, but the BioLite works great – and no fuel canisters required. $129 USD. £TK; biolitestove.com MA