THE MOUNTAIN AND THE WAVE - The Quiksilver Story by Phil Jarratt

Quiksilver Entertainment

The title of this prodigious and handsome volume refers to the two symbolic components of the famous logo of Quiksilver, Inc, surfing’s hugest brand with annual worldwide sales now estimated at about $2.5 billion. Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not Quik founder Alan Green, the young man who was also key to the creation of Rip Curl wetsuits, when he and his seamstress Carol McDonald created the first “technical board shorts” in the summer of 1969. But the famous yoke waist and scalloped legs worked especially well for surfi ng’s required range of motion, from sitting astride a board to squatting in the barrel, and the brand established almost immediate cachet among the sport’s core riders.

In this beautiful book, the long and event-filled journey from the company’s humble roots in Torquay, Australia, through its prescient licensing deal with Bob McKnight and Jeff Hakman, to its iconic status throughout the world, is astutely told by veteran (and venerable) journalist Phil Jarratt. Opulently illustrated with four decades of A-grade photos by the best of the best (complemented by obscure but interesting snapshots), classically designed by Jeff Girard, and replete with “sidebar” commentary from a broad range of insiders and outsiders, The Mountain and the Wave is both the story of an utterly unique and infl uential lifestyle business and a classic tale of a group of creative people absolutely committed to making careers out of some serious fun.

Note: Nesting neatly in an inside-cover dye-cut is a nifty 60- minute DVD (produced by Alan Gibby with Mr Jarratt) that tells the Quik story in film, video, and dvd – from McKnight’s own work in the ’70s through to the best of the new millennium. - DK