SHARK PARK – The Heaviest Wave in California by Greg Huglin

Veteran water-cinematographer Greg Huglin has gone to the ends of the earth to shoot dolphins, sharks, and surfers, but he discovered this newest treasure in his own backyard. After years of looking for the next Mavericks or Cortes Banks, the Santa Barbara, California-based filmmaker found this wedge of heaving, terrifying reef just outside the one-mile exclusion zone surrounding the Channel Islands National Park.

This well-produced and straightforward documentary recounts Huggie’s first two visits to the reef, the second of which turned up excellent if ledgy open-ocean barrels. On hand to rip (or be ripped) were a number of the guys you’d want to have there for the occasion, including Carlos Burle, Chris and Dan Malloy, Rusty Long, Garrett McNamara, Don Curry, and several more, supported by PWC rescue expert Shawn Alladio, who always keeps reality in focus in these surreal situations.

This is an enticing documentary on an historic new surf spot. Nice soundtrack by Craig McConnell (Icarus Music). It comes with a bonus short in which a free-diver schmoozes with a 20’ great white shark off South Africa. Good fun, what?! - DK