NELSCOTT REEF TOW CLASSIC by Behemoth Productions

Last December (2005), Nelscott Reef was the site of the Pacific Northwest’s first tow -in competition, and it was a pretty mind-blowing event. Big, glassy peaks and long, clean lines delivered more than anyone imagined possible during a narrow competition window in the midst of generally-unruly Oregon winter.

This is a thorough look at the spot and the event. It begins with the discovery and first attempt on the offshore reef by local enthusiast John Forse, the first guest appearances by Peter Mel and Adam Repogle in December of 2003, and a blow-by-blow of last year’s event from “practice session” to final (won by the team of Zack and Jake Wormhoudt).

Getting past the fact that most of the waves here are caught with the assistance of a personal watercraft is easier when you consider the reputed shark gangs wandering in the neutral zone between the shorebreak and the big clean Lincoln City, Oregon, peaks.

There is some real decent ripping, passable cinematography (great aerial photography), trippy sound mix, killer whales duck-diving, some l-o-n-g rides, athletes in fat suits (flotation devices). It’s a weird world, ain’t it? A fun and fine-quality effort, organized by contest producer Forse and sponsored by the local Chinook Winds Casino resort. - DK