By Jack Johnson (Brushfire Records)

Contemporary transcendental expression, an articulation of a particular plane of perception coalesced out of genes and experiences, native beaches and thumping shorebreak, reeling curls and tradewinds and the sound of the palms and the predicament of humanity in this time of times we keep calling Now.

Who better to spend some time with than Jack Johnson, known to most as easy listenin’. Well, don’t buy that. Read the lyrics while the music carries you out to the lineup, and … pay attention … watch for sets, he’s trying to tell us something, and something else, and something beyond that. Corduroy to the horizon. He’s trying to show us what he sees – that This is actually real. That’s the artist’s job, the poet’s task – to tell us that this is real, this that we feel.

Jack Johnson’s new album shot straight to the top of the charts in the USA, and it stayed there for weeks. Jack’s music (and Jack himself) seem to be serving as a much-needed psychic oasis in these fear-fledged days of mystery, just four years from the end of the Mayan calendar. But Mr. Johnson speaks in simple-sounding profundities, so be prepared to hear what you’re listening to, for this is surf music of another kind.

The truth is we say not as we do.

How will we really know? It’s just like it feels.

Your voice is your own, I can't protect it You’ll have to sing A verse no one has ever known

Everyone involved with this CD – Sleep Through the Static – deserves our full attention, whenever we can bring it. There’s a lot of conscious prayer in here, listen.

Special Notes: Thomas Campbell took the photos and designed the cover! Recorded with 100% solar energy, recycled packaging (FSC), member 1% for the Planet, all good. Special thanks to Jack for that line: “If it’s you or me I’d rather take the fall.”

Words DK