A film by Patrick Trefz

Eclectic, idiosyncratic, artsy, oddball and weirdly core, Thread is the DVD with all those tiny pics all over the cover … which reflects the montage/collage feel of the work, which combines nice grainy b&w verité cinema, edgy editing, gritty subjects, distressed images, and some beautifully composed and sweetly colored segments, too. In other words, we’re talking art here, and I loved it. Starting off in the unlikely canyons of New York City with skaters and photographer Michael Halsband, Trefz segues to Joel Tudor and an photo show and little waves in the Biarritz area then jumps to California’s Central Coast with Tom Curren and some Sandspit action, then on to Greece with brother Joe, then West Africa (Moroc?) point sessions and hook around to Long Beach, California and the inspired skating and music of Ray Barbee … and on to the Long Bros. (Rusty and Greg) at macker sessions in Chile, Dungeons, Cortes, Mavs, etc. … and on to Taylor Knox on the North Shore with the Campbell Bros. … then a board comparison in Tahiti with Tom Carroll, and … whew! Interwoven and thematically spiced with a great jazzy world cowboy surf soundtrack and underscored with the stunning meditative sand drawings of Santa Cruz surfer and chef Jim Denevan, Thread is one helluva keen feast for the eyes, ears, and intellect. This is a surf flick that surprises and astonishes.

Words DK