New Emissions of Light and Sound

(The dark side of the machine)

Produced by George G & Joe Manzanilla (Globe)

By putting all the emphasis on the visual, the filmmakers are freed with the constraints of narrative and can free-associate visually, layering wonderful cinematography by Scott Soens and Rick Jakovich with lovely editing by George Manzanilla. Marrying this graphic style with an alternating dreamy/spacey then funky island bebop synth soundtrack by Sasha makes this flick a perfect party or shop film.

The film takes its time, allows images to develop, make an impression … allows (dare I say?) a bit of time for some contemplation and appreciation … but without pretence or artifice, merely witnessing all this stuff that surfers get to witness, and taking us along for the ride. Very nice, indeed!

The tongue-in-cheek warning on this DVD (FOR BEST RESULTS WATCH BETWEEN MIDNIGHT & 5AM) is not far off the mark as the dreamy, sometimes rhapsodic trance-ish soundtrack reveres and counterpoints the stunning imagery we expect in surf films.

NEOLAS is a study in mood, texture, flow, and the ordinary miracles of the surf zone highlighting Globes exquisitely skilled wave dancers – Taj Burrow, CJ and Damien Hobgood, Nathan Webster, and Yadin Nicol.

This production works better for me than did Secret Machine and way better than The Hobgood Challenge – it’s damn near a first-rate art-house surf film.

Words DK