Slater’s legs buckled in Tahiti, and the next stop on the 2006 pro tour was Tavarua Island – an innocuous speck of a Fijian island in 1983, an exotic and virgin surf destination in 1985, and now the home of a solidly-booked resort that plays host to the contest the pros have dubbed “the sickest event on the planet.” Maybe so.

This low-priced, high-octane, straight-ahead coverage of the Globe WCT Fiji is compelling due to the sheer number of perfect waves and amazing maneuvers that are compressed into its 37-minute running time. With comic relief from Coach Chris Cote (what a crack-up – corny as hell, but you gotta love ’im!), expert commentary from the likes of Jamie Brisick and Nathan Webster, and reams of candid material on the pros at play, this is a perfect party vid. Not sure how to take the boys exuberantly ejaculating champagne at each other, but … when in Fiji … (pass the kava, pull-ease!) …

With a hefty soundtrack featuring Kings of Leon (they opened for Dylan out West in ’06), Evan Katz, Wolf Parade, Bloc Party, Spoon, and many more, this is a fun romp, and a great value (recommended retail price is just $12.99 in the US), especially when you factor in the half hour of bonus features. Plus, the shredding by the Hobgoods (Damien won) and the rest of the best (Andy Irons, Shaun Cansdell, Bobby Martinez, Taj Burrow, Tim Reyes, Occy, et al.) at Cloudbreak and Restaurants is absolutely screamin’. Better get it!

Words DK