The True Story of a Surfing Revolution

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Here on Earth, there are definite focal points in the time-space continuum, places where roads cross and energies converge. Rincon Point (aka the Queen of the California Coast) is such a place, and nearby Santa Barbara benefits from its proximity. As a result, there is an almost mythic quality to the place and its denizens. What has emerged here in the surfing world over the years is tantamount to Arthurian legend, with pioneer surfboard-builder Reynolds Yater serving as Merlin and Al Merrick playing the role of Arthur.

Replace the Round Table with Merrick’s Channel Islands Surfboards, and you’ve got the idea. What other entity in surfing has drawn together and inspired such powerful forces? Consider the knights of Merrick’s Round Table: Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Lisa Andersen, Rob Machado, Davey Smith, Kim Mearig, Shaun Tomson, Taylor Knox, Sofia Mulanovich, Bobby Martinez, Dane Reynolds … the list is nearly as eternal as it is immortal. Okay, that’s a little hyperbolic, but it is amazing!

In Flow, filmmakers Scott Stankey and Josh Landan have created a celebratory documentary chronicling the last 40 years of surfing history from the perspective of Merrick, his magical surfboards, and his CIS knights … er, riders. This is an extremely satisfying production delivering plenty of great history, classic riding by the best of the best, lots of never-before-seen imagery, a hot soundtrack, and a compendium of sage advice and story. Flow is a little short on the great CIS women, otherwise … it’s the Grail!

A “special collector’s edition” includes an “extended version” of the film, bonus features galore, and an EP of Timmy Curran’s fine music.

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