By Gary Irving (Back 40 Productions)

This 45-minute film starts with a hungover ratty-ass dude waking up and taking a whiz on the beach, and his piss spells out the title in the sand: ANTICS. Then a guy is shuffling around his kitchen in bunny slippers (the caption says it’s Josh Rothman); he’s listening to music, which takes us off into a reverie of him longboard surfing some decent small waves in Santa Cruz. Then Josh tells us about his girlfriend (Micala Eastman) and how hot she rips, and then we watch her surfing. Then Shylo Steinhal compares surfing and dirtbiking, and he heads off in outrageous costuming to surf and talk about the local SC scene and singer/surfer Ashley Lloyd, who surfs then talks about Woodrow Robinson, who noserides and performs antics and introduces Wingnut and his suave mastery of the local arena, and so the baton is passed from surfer to surfer in this good-time surf film that takes us on a journey through the Santa Cruz surfing subculture … from surfer to surfer, in small waves and a few bombs, with serious reflections and plenty of goofball antics (with those rabbit slippers recurring throughout). It’s a celebration of the old-school SC scene with a minimum of background giveaways, emphasizing the benefit of surfing a variety of boards (though Jason ‘Ratboy’ Collins claims longboarding’s more fun and Steve Thomas proves it). This is a cross-section of Santa Cruz surf life, a nice insider’s perspective that concludes with surfer-shaper Dane Perlee’s sweetly sarcastic riff: “The crowds in Santa Cruz are just … wonderful. I can’t think of anything I’d rather see than more and more people getting involved in the sport … so it’s all good, come on down, you’re the next contestant!” Antics is well editing with some headbangin’ sounds from Dirty Penny and others, plus bonus material featuring plenty of other excellent ’Cruz surfers and some classic outtakes from the main players. Way too much fun!

Words DK