By Guy Motil (Falcon Guides)

A stunning work devoted as much to the great photography of Guy Motil as to its revered subject: the surfboard and it history. As the founder, editor, and photomeister of Longboard magazine, Mr. Motil has assembled probably the largest collection of surfboard imagery in the world – all of it professionally and aesthetically captured and archived like a true connoisseur.

Over the years, Motil has gained access to most of the masters of the surfboard art, and his profound sense of appreciation for them as artists is apparent in this book. Surfboards is a big, spectacular volume of Guy’s imagery seasoned with articulate essays on the varieties of surfboard experience by Longboard’s core crew of contributors (Paul Holmes, Mark Fragale, Sean Preci), along with current managing editor Chasen Marshall and staffer Tristan Wand, with bonus words of wisdom from surfboard collector Fernando Aguerre. This is a worthy paean to wave-riding vehicles of all eras, told with great respect and beauty. With lovely endpaper watercolors by John Severson, Surfboards is a beautifully designed, refreshingly clean, marvelously organized project – in marked contrast to some other volumes that have recently come on the market. Congratulations, Guy, on a huge accomplishment and a welcome addition to every surfer’s library!

Words DK