By Alexis Giorgio Cottavoz

Self-published by Cottavoz under his Stormproof Films/Publications imprint, Shutterspeed is a pleasant and cleanly composed portfolio of the author/shooter’s 11 years of work and travel through California, Mexico, Hawaii, France, Spain, South Africa, Bali and Tahiti. Although fraught with spelling miscues (names and places) and a few other issues (don’t think Duranbah is in South Africa, mate), the message here is the imagery, and the collection is charming, entertaining, and occasionally surprising. The text tells the Stormproof story, and there’s a nice appendix depicting the full array of Stormproof Films covers, from Surfing Here & Abroad to Good ’n Plenty to Damage to In a World Gone Mad (see The book is a nice resource for those interested, and a sweet journey for the rest of us.

Words DK