Molle is one of Sweden's few rideable surfing waves and now the rippable righthand pointbreak is under threat from a marina extension. Swedish surfers are asking surfers around the world to help them campaign to save this chilly North Sea gem. With a tiny surfing population and powerful vested interests, they certainly have their work cut out.

This is one of the most consistent surfing waves in the country, so that means hundreds of surfers will be affected by this loss. More Surfing Videos >>

Alex Whitman a local Skane surfer explains, “as you can imagine, there isn't much surf in the Baltic. We rely on winds in the 30 knot plus range over a time period of 4 hours or more to produce rideable waves. Luckily, this is one of the windiest, stormiest places in the world! This particular wave is a really good pointbreak. It is also the go to spot that picks up everything and anything and works on the widest range of wind conditions essential for wave formation. We can’t afford to lose this spot!”

To help out, please {encode="" title="write a polite letter to the mayor of Skane"}, asking him to reconsider the marina plan.