Like almost all aspects of modern life, surfing has an environmental cost that, until recently, was rarely considered. Ours is a ‘natural’ sport, ‘close to nature’ and somehow seen as ‘pure’. In many ways this is true, but in reality much of what we ‘need’ in order to have fulfilled surfing lives is extremely damaging to the planet.

The Green Wave Awards are an attempt to encourage change in the surfing world by putting a positive focus on people, institutions and companies that are actively working to make surfing a more sustainable, environmentally conscious pursuit.

In it’s first year the GWA attracted thousands of nominations from readers, which ranged from individuals who pick up beach litter every day, to large international corporations that factor sustainability into the core of their business. In the three years it has been running, the response has been phenomenal, and it’s clear that the GWA has become recognized as a key agent of change.

The Awards:

“For exceptional environmental and humanitarian achievement in 2007.”

Green Wave Awards categories:

Individuals Who Surf

Surf-related Non-profits and Organizations

Surf Apparel Manufacturers

Surfboard Manufacturers

Surf-related Accessories

Surf Media

Surf Travel

Surf Retailers

The Emerald Path Award:

An overall winner from any category whose outstanding achievements deserve special recognition.

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