Announcing the nominees for the 2007/8 Green Wave Awards.

Thanks to all the readers who sent nominations in this year.

Surfboard Manufacturers

Gary Young – pioneering work in bamboo board-building.

Greenlight Surfboard Supply – the greenest technology available for making boards, whether pro shaper or DIY.

Sannyasi – manufacturers of environmentally sound surfboards, in cooperation with Greenlight Surfboard Supply.

Solarez/Wahoo International – resins for more environmentally sensitive surfboard production.

Homeblown – low impact high quality surfboard blanks.

Hess Surfboards – low impact, high-end hand-made boards.

Ice9 – surfboard blanks.

Grain Surfboards – high class high-performance wood boards.

Ocean Green – Sustainable vision, ethical practices, visionary ecofoils from Nicaragua; 2006 GWA winner.

Individuals Who Surf

Tom “Pohaku” Stone – inspiring the rebirth of ancient Hawaiian board building and riding. Maui, Hawaii.

Tom Jones – Stand-up paddled from Oregon to Mexico raising awareness of pollution and child abuse. Newport, California.

Dave Rastovich – leading anti-whaling activist, ¬pro surfer, environmental advocate. Queensland, Australia.

Ainea Kimaro ¬– African scientist leading development of Biogas fuel – which could help stop sewage pollution as well as offer sustainable power alternatives. Kigali, Rwanda.

Rich Hoeppner – Founder of People for the Preservation of Kaua’i set up to stop Superferry. Kauai, Hawaii.

Dave Curtin – founder of HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere), working for the people of Darfur. Malibu, California.

Peter Garrett – Australian Environment Minister, Midnight Oil frontman, whale protector. Sydney, Australia.

Vipe Desai – instigator of Project Blue - a corporate eco campaign through his agency Propaganda Headquarters – Laguna Beach, California.

Jack Johnson – Kokua Foundation and music that transcends (from a solar-powered studio in ‘green’ packaging). Haleiwa, Hawaii.

Will Henry – Writer, photographer, and founder of Save The Waves and a dynamo of coastal environmental activity.

Santiago Aguerre – Co-founder of Reef and creator of the Liquid Nation Ball, which earned over $250,000 for SIMA’s Humanitarian Fund at last September’s 4th annual event.

Surf-related Nonprofits & Organizations

People for the Preservation of Kaua`i – movement to stop the Hawaii Superferry from coming to Kaua`i.

Save The Waves – working to protect surf breaks all over the world.

Kokua Foundation – education, action and awareness-raising on Oahu, Hawaii.

WildCoast – protecting the coasts and spreading an environmentalist message in the Hispanic world.

Surfers Against Sewage – dynamic campaigning for clean oceans for all water-users.

Surfrider Foundation – international network of chapters working to protect the oceans and coastlines.

SurfAid International – making huge strides in bringing better health to the people of the Mentawais.

Groundswell Society – seeking a values-based influence on modern surfing.

LEAP – Local Empowerment Assistance Project helping people help themselves – Hinako Islands, Indonesia.

SIMA Environmental and Humanitarian Funds – Surf Industry Manufacturers Association’s extremely charitable arms.

The Surfrider Foundation Clean Water Classic – the biggest surf contest in the Pacific Northwest and the biggest SF fundraiser, too.

Ainea Kimaro – African scientist in the field of converting human and biological waste into biogas – big props for water quality worldwide.

Surf-related Accessories

Matunas Surf Wax – non-toxic biodegradable wax that sticks.

Betty Belts – clean, safe, fair and beautiful, produced in Bali and California.

Wet Women Surf Wax – eco-intelligent surf wax.

Funky Puffin Surf Wax – eco friendly surf wax made from Jersey Beeswax.

Surfboard Pack – Environmentally-conscious packaging solutions.

Surf Media

Justin Myers – nature and surf photographer in Oregon who shoots for Portland Monthly.

Phoresia – website for an environmentally and socially responsible surf life.

Sliding Liberia – a film about Liberia and surfing by Britton Caillouette and Nicholai Lidow.

Lost Jewel of the Atlantic – a film about the wrecking of Madeira by Save the Waves’ founder Will Henry and Vince Duer.

Surf Travel

Sumatra Surfaris – Humanitarian and environmentally proactive tour company incorporating community service into their trips.

Holidays with Purpose – travel company that offers community aid work as well as waves, Sumatran islands, Indonesia.

Surf Retailers

ZJ Boarding House – The best mom-and-pop success story ever, Santa Monica, California.

Loose Fit – possibly the world’s most environmentally active surf shop, Devon, UK.

Surf Apparel Manufacturers

Northcore – technical boarding gear with social responsibility.

Finisterre – actively striving for the best outdoor surf gear with the lowest environmental impact.

Zoozoo2 – organic t-shirts and recycled fashion.

Rapa Nui – organic surf clothing from ethical eco friendly fabrics.

Patagonia – surf and mountain based leader in corporate common sense.

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