Individuals Who Surf

Blake Mcelheny: Headed a successful campaign to save 1,129 acres of natural land surrounding Oahu, Hawaii’s famous North Shore, surfing’s historic ‘Mecca’, from an unpopular and destructive hotel development.

2005 winner: Shaun Tomson (Surfer’s Code), Santa Barbara, California

Surf-related Non-profits and Organizations - Joint Winners

SurfAid International: Surfing-rooted medical charity working in the remote islands off Sumatra, Indonesia, where surf tourists are virtually the only outsiders, to bring basic public health and malaria prevention to thousands of villages. In the year of Boxing Day Tsunami SAI was first to help in many areas unknown by other agencies or authorities.

Surfzone Relief Organization: A de facto relief organization set up to bring immediate help to victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami in remote parts of Sumatra and its surrounding area. In many places, surfers such as those who pulled SRO together, were the only outsiders who knew the area well enough and cared enough about the residents to bring emergency aid when it was truly needed. SRO was notably successful in saving lives.

2005 winner: Surfers Against Sewage

Surf Apparel Companies

Patagonia: Without a doubt a leader not just in the surf industry but in the wider world of commerce as well. Sustainability is sewn into the fabric of the company and it clearly deserved unequivocal recognition as a guiding light.

2005 winner: Patagonia, Ventura, California, USA

Surfboard Manufacturing Companies

Ocean Green: A small company with big ideas, willing to experiment and take a risk in the search for a board made of something other than petrochemicals and non-organic compounds. This is now real growth area, especially since the demise of Clark Foam in 2006.

2005 winner: HomeBlown (US & UK) and Sustainable Composites/Movevirgo (Cornwall, UK)

Surf Accessory Companies

Betty Belts: Another small company aiming to make a difference with products and manufacturing systems that show real concern for the environment and company workers while making popular, beautiful fashion products.

2005 winner: Surfboard Pack, Los Gatos, California, USA

Surf-related Media and Publishing Entities

Eco-surf Project: A website that acts as a useful hub, offering news, ideas, information and contacts that might help make surfing a more environmentally sensible pursuit. It’s non-profit arm also offers grants for sustainable surf-related projects.

2005 winner:

Surf Travel Companies

BoardX: Travel pollutes and few companies in the industry are willing to admit this. BoardX confront it in their internal working systems and by imposing an “Earth Tax” on themselves, which in their first year alone raised 2,000 euros for surf-related charities.

2005 winner: Global Boarders, Cornwall, UK

Emerald Path Awards - Joint Winners

Glenn Hening: Visionary co-founder of the Surfrider Foundation, which works to protect coastlines, waves and beach access around the world. A committed campaigner for the environment for decades, an author of numerous books and reports and founder of the Groundswell Society, which aims to look at surfing in a creative, sustainable way.

Chris Hines: Another visionary, and co-founder of Surfer’s Against Sewage which, under his stewardship single-handedly forced the UK government to stop dumping raw sewage into coastal waters. As Sustainability Coordinator for the Eden Project Hines is also leading the charge in the search for environmentally sustainable surfboards.

2005 winner: Mark Massara & Matt George

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