For those in the USA, here's something you can do to help stop the expansion of offshore drilling – a constant threat to your coastlines, their ecosystems and your surf spots.

Here's what Surfrider Foundation is asking:

"This week Congress is voting on a bill to dramatically expand offshore drilling in the U.S. The proposed legislation - which has garnered much support in the House - would require new drilling off the Atlantic coast, California, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico (see graphic below).

Please click here to tell your representatives you oppose the expansion of offshore drilling in the U.S!

Expanding drilling in U.S. waters will put our coastal communities at risk from ecological and economic harm. Our nation's coasts provide billions of dollars in economic revenue through recreation, tourism, and healthy seafood. We must protect these benefits by preventing the expansion of offshore drilling.

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Please make your voice heard and tell your representatives that you oppose the needless expansion of offshore oil and gas development.