Screen shot 2012-08-19 at 8.05.51 PM

Yes, you may have noticed – we've given the site a completely new look.

First up, our home page is radically different. We've added some nice little category sections like videos, news and photos on there which mean you can see the latest posts from each of these sections without leaving the home page.

Also, the site now works on that little thing you make phone calls from. Whether you're on an iPhone or anything else that 'surfs' the interweb, tablets included, you'll notice the whole thing works like a charm.

What else? Photos. The surf shots we have in the mag are just epic and we've always wanted the website to show them off in the best possible way, so we poked the tech guys to write some code to give us a gallery that doesn't just look a lot slicker, but when you hit the full screen button, it's out of this world.

The genius tech guys also updated our video player. It now not only looks different, but it works a lot faster and has a slo-mo button so you can see everything at a fraction of the speed and a 3-second rewind button so you can see it again. And since this is the era of spreading the cyber-love there are better share buttons so you can Twitter or Facebook pages you like. Please, feel free to tell the world and send your friends our way.

So, now we've got the platform we'll be loading the site up with more galleries, stories and movies as we go along. We'd like to know what you think about these changes, so please leave your comments below – good or bad, we don't mind at all, we'd just appreciate your feedback.

Happy surfing, and enjoy the new website, too.


Alex Dick-Read

Founding Editor