Port Eliot Festival is delighted to announce the addition of Jamie Brisick to this year’s festival, which takes place from 21-24 July in the spectacular ancient estate of Port Eliot in south-east Cornwall, England. A former pro surfer, Brisick has made a career out of travelling the world, surfing and documenting his experiences. He's written two books, contributes to the New York Times and the Guardian, and opens the door on a life most of us only dream of. At Port Eliot he'll be tackling the complex but mostly loving relationship between surfing and skateboarding. He promises stunning visuals.

Port Eliot Festival is a magical combination of books, food, music, art, comedy, fashion, films, flowers, wildlife and water, which defies categorisation. Settling itself into the spectacular grounds of the ancient Port Eliot estate in southeast Cornwall (the oldest continually inhabited dwelling in the UK), the festival provides inspiration and surprises for all ages at every turn. Jumping up and down a lot and lazing by the river are equally valid and encouraged.

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For more information about Port Eliot Festival, visit porteliotfestival.com

For Jamie Brisick’s blog, visit jamiebrisick.com