It's all about getting rid of this from our beaches, rivers and waterways – oh, and our lifestyle.

The largest eco-citizens' rally in Europe:

24th, 25th, 26th and 27th March 2011,

Thousands of people reclaiming the beaches, lakes, rivers and seabeds.

Surfrider Foundation Europe's emblematic event, the Ocean Initiatives, is an operation for raising awareness about waste reduction by means of public beach and waterway cleaning actions.

Hundreds of operations, organised by volunteers at the local level, will take place simultaneously in the course of the same weekend. Surfrider Foundation Europe's Headquarters coordinate the operations, publicise the event and provide participants with means for organising and promoting their operations. For one day, every citizen can actively promote Surfrider's educational objectives.

A dedicated site: provides information about the various operations already registered, with global positioning to help locate them.

It isn't just confined to Europe. These kids in India did gave Ram Krishna Beach the clean-up of its life.