You may or may not have come across this Australian gentleman, widely known as Gonad Man and formerly resident in Waves Magazine (1992-99). He's so simple he's smart, so loony, he's wise, so filthy he's impeccably mannered ... actually forget that, he's just filthy. But he's hilarious, horrifying, frivolous and profound. And he's back.

Due to popular demand the anti-heroic, world-wandering, taboo-challenging, tube-addicted wave connoisseur created by artist Mark Sutherland has returned in not just one but two excellent incarnations. First, there's a newly released book of the original Gonad Man tales, with a foreword by Dave Parmenter, available here, and alongside this there's a whole new series in web form ("this time it's personal"), here.

If you can handle the filth, stomach Australian surf macho-moron culture taken to absurd and instructive extremes, and you're willing to see the intelligent critique of our surf obsession embedded in all of this, then the marvellous Mr. G. Man is ... well ... he's your man. Why not pay him a visit at

Grab from Chapter 1 of the new Gonad Man series, available online here.