This 'soundslide' (an interview and slideshow combo) with Cornwall-based custom wetsuit maker, Elsie, was made by Nick Hand.

Meet Elsie Pinniger, whose custom wetsuits, under the label 'Neon', have garnered quite a following in Cornwall and beyond.

The time is right for Elsie's high-end handmade work. Not only are there plenty of custom-shaped humanoids desiring made-to-fit wetsuits; and an ever increasing number of stylers requiring flouro yellow panels on their suits, or black and white robber stripes so they can be seen standing tall on their resin-tinted logs; but there's also something of a cultural rebirth of the 'handmade movement' and a reverence for all things crafty, quality and built-to-last.

From her studio in the backstreets of Newquay, Elsie serves them all and clearly she's a class act, combining huge talent with impeccable style, a fully rounded surfer's view of it all and super mellow manner.

For more, check out Elsie's website:

This 'soundslide' (slideshow with audio) was made by Nick Hand whose website documents his cycling journeys around the coasts of Britain and Ireland journeys he's made in order to raise money for sufferers of Parkinson's Disease. Nick has made Soundslides about the craftsmen and women he's met along the way - people whose living involves hand made work, from hat makers to weavers to wetsuit makers.

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