Pukas Surfboards

Pukas Surfboards


This board is a contest winner, developed for power surfing in all kind of conditions. Gabriel has won the WT Quik Pro France ´11 and the WT Rip Curl Search ´11 in San Francisco on the Pukas MEGA.

Key for the success of the MEGA is the design in the bottom half of the board, which features a deeper rocker in the rail and less rocker in the stringer, combined with a different fin placement (closer together and more splay). All these technical stuff means that the board pivots and turns easily at high speed. The faster the board, the better it works. A slightly bigger fin is recommended.

Gabriel surfed the Quik Pro France and the Rip Curl Search San Francisco on a 5’11” x 18 ½ x 2 ¼ with almost 25 litres. He loves it with swallow tail.

Designer: Johnny Cabianca // Gabriel Medina
Model: MEGA
Dimensions: 5’11” x 18 ½ x 2 ¼ at 24,90L.
Tail: Squash, swallow or round

La Lola

As a flamenco dancer, wild, fun, artistic and stylish. Peter Daniels NEW small waves machine. A performance board with speed and drive in small conditions but also effective in medium size waves. Low entry rocker and SL Bonzer bottom (spectacular bottom design) between the fins for lift and acceleration through turns. Added outline area, wider in nose and tail to catch waves easily. Good surfers ride it in sizes 5’6-5’8 but it is suitable for older, heavier or inexperienced surfers in bigger sizes (6’0 to 6’6)

Designer: Peter Daniels
Model: La Lola
Dimensions: 5’8” x 18 5/8” x 2 3/16 at 26,04L.
Tail: Squash

Pseudo-Mix (english)

Its greatest feature is how Mikel Agote mixes lots of volume with a thin rail. The concept supporting the shape is simple: lets give that extra volume needed adding high performance rails. By doing so, you are able to surf a shorter surfboard, paddle with ease, and obviously feel sensitivity and grip when turning.

It features a double concave bottom with a V ending. It suits beach breaks from one to 5 feet.

Designer: Mikel Agote
Model: Pseudo-Mix
Dimensions: 5’8” x 18 7/8” x 2 1/8 at 24,55L.
Tail: Squash

Pseudo-Mix (spanish)

La principal característica de esta tabla es la forma en que Mikel Agote mezcla un volumen generoso con unos cantos finos. El argumento que acredita este concepto es simple: mantener mucho volumen por toda la tabla con cantos high-perfomance. De esta forma, todo el que ya la ha probado en su fase de test apuntaba que sentía la posibilidad de surfear con una tabla más pequeña, remar con facilidad, surfear sobre la ola con comodidad, pero con sensibilidad y agarre en los giros gracias a sus cantos finos.

El fuerte rebaje del canto que termina en escalón en la cola es lo que más llama la atención. El bottom es un clásico doble cóncavo a V en la cola. Perfecta para olas muy pequeñas hasta 1.5m.

Shaper: Mikel Agote
Modelo: Pseudo-Mix
Dimensiones: 5’8” x 18 7/8” x 2 1/8 at 24,55 litros
Tail: Squash