Otter Surfboards

Otter Surfboards

“It’s when you take off you notice the difference, the board is like a steam boat, fast and solid, possibly one of the fastest fishes I have ever surfed, pure rail to rail, the weight coupled with the fairly flat nose rocker cuts through the bad sections and puts you on the clean faces really quick, I really felt I saw a lot more of the wave than I would usually and that was just from a week of surfing the board.” – Karl Mackie

At Otter Surfboards we design and make hollow wooden surfboards as a beautiful, environmentally friendly and long lasting alternative to foam boards.

We approach board building from an environmental design and make perspective, where we are in control of every stage in the production of our boards. From sourcing local, sustainably harvested timber to work with, through the craftsmanship in the construction and minimising wastage to the finished board, laminated with epoxy resin.

If you fancy getting your hands dirty and being a part of the making of your board as well as the riding, we’re now delivering workshops so you can build your own board with our help, either in one week or over a series of evening sessions.

The finished wooden boards suit a smoother surfing style, thanks to the extra momentum and glide they offer and as a result suit ‘retro’ outline shapes, so we’ve put a selection of our single fins on show here.

Mini Magic – 6’10” x 21 ½” x 2 ¾”
A great all-rounder as a smaller board for the seasoned longboarder or slack day cruiser for any surfer, with lots of buoyancy and increased manoeuvrability thanks to its volume and outline. High volume means high wave count making this single fin a great board for anybody to have in their quiver for those days when you just want to have fun.

Big Blue – 8’x 21 ¾” x 2 ¾”
A mini mal with a rounded squash tail and plenty of volume throughout. A great board for any ability level, allowing you to catch plenty of waves and have a stable platform under your feet. Perfect for learning or as a board to refresh your surfing every so often. We’ve been having way too much fun on ours recently!

Lightweight Log – 9’1” x 22 ½” x 3”
A new board for us, hence the photo pre-glass. This was a custom order, based on a longboard the chap already owned. We gave him a matching profile and an outline with a slightly more pulled in tail as he requested. Looking forward to seeing it in the water and getting feedback about the way it rides. We’ll soon be building a Lumberjack Log too– a 9’6 traditional ... who’s interested?