Mica Surfboards

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Mica Surfboards

Mica has been working really close to the surfers at the beach, creating a very close relationship. Therefore creating surfboards to improve the individual performance of each one of them, considering the way each one surfs, is the goal of Micasurfboards. Thanks to Mica’s proximity with the surfers, and the feedback they are giving back, that goal – find the perfect costume-made surfboard to each surfer – has been accomplished. The continuous and meticulous tests with these models have also been essentials to this work in progress’s upgrade and evolution.

By maintaining the habit of travelling and learning within the best surfboards factories in Australia and Hawai, Mica is continuously improving his shape technique, knowledge and experience. The feedback he gets from those who surf with his boards makes him have, on a daily basis, a new outlook about his work.

The Models give you an example for what Micasurfboards is producing. Mica is building custom handcrafted surfboards, which are individually made for your skills, weight, size and kind of waves you are riding. Models just give an idea what micasurfboards provide. Remember, to create a new model it is surfed and tested by Mica so that every smallest detail can be improved. Just after this process the model becomes officially available. These models are improved on a constantly basis. The width and thickness measures depend on the surfer’s size and weight.

“Building surfboards is my passion, my love and my life. It’s what I do!” – Mica Lourenço

Still Single
This is the old school model of our range of surfboards. It’s thicker, with straight lines, has sharper rails and an all V bottom with just one fin - of course.
“Normally I prefer fiberglassing this model a bit more heavier and more resistant, and top it off with pigmented (coloured) resin.” – Mica Lourenço
Tail – All kinds
Bottom – full V
Available between the range of 5´9´´and 7´2´´

A Cookie Crisp
“This is one of the most funny boards I’ve been shaping. I made the widest point four inches further to the nose, so it can be ridden four to six inches smaller then your average board. Thereby, you don’t loose flow and progression to ride the small and soft summer waves. At the same time I’ve guys riding this board with a round pin or tight swallow tail and shredding in head high surf.
I made a deeper single concave and a low entry and exit rocker, which helps you to maintain the speed at the soft sections of the wave.“ – Mica Lourenço
Bottom - Deeper full concave
Tail – Swallow, Round Pin, Diamond
Available between the range of 5´00´´to 6´2´´

The Ugly Princess
Absolutely speechless! You really have to try this one. A gentle and gracious wave killer and a must for the summer. Dare to be the suitor of this noble princess!
Tail: Squash , square or round
Bottom: Single concave
Available between the range of 4’5´´ e 5´7´´