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Thomas Meyerhoffer is recognized as one of the most innovative designers working today. An early member of the new generation of shapers pushing the boundaries of surfboard design, Meyerhoffer was first discovered by The Surfers Journal in 2007. Meyerhoffer had completely redesigned the longboard to enhance the overall surfing experience: getting into waves, performing on the wave, and experiencing the wave to the fullest. His innovative approach to surfboards has now evolved into a full line of advanced surf craft with a worldwide following of open-minded surfers. In 2012, Meyerhoffer is launching the Horsepill a modern performance version of a retro mini-Simmons hull.

Meyerhoffer’s goal is to create forward thinking surf experiences by pushing creativity, innovation and individuality in surfing and the life that borders. What started out as passion has become its own path. His aim is to create real performance for real surfers. Continuing the quest to create new designs that move our experience forward as surfers. Surf Forward.

Meyerhoffer is based in Northern California. Just south of San Fransisco and north of Santa Cruz, close to big wave break Mavericks, on a stretch of coastline where there is always great variety of waves and surfers.

Meyerhoffer 2
9’2” x 22.3” x 3” - 72L - SLX Epoxy
The Evolution of the Revolution. A refined version of the
Original Meyerhoffer longboard design. Keeping its unique performance
advantages, it now also glides and trims for smaller waves.
Still turns on a dime. Also available as a 9’6”.

8’1” x 21.5” x 2.9” - 56L - SLX Epoxy EPS
The 8.1 is the purest example of Meyerhoffer's design concept
for longboards. It paddles like a longboard, but the sidecut
outline together with deep double concaves deliver lively feel
and quick turns normally reserved for much shorter boards.

5’4” x 20.5” x 2.5” - 29L - SLX Epoxy
A fun high performance remix of a Simmons hull.
The merger of the retro shape with a high performance
bottom delivers an incredible lively and precise board that
fits in the smallest pocket. Also available as a 5’6” and 5’8”.