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Nev has a successful 35+ year history in the surf industry and is recognized as one of the best shapers in the world. Working closely with world class surfers such as Taj and Michel Bourez, Nev has been instrumental in creating hi-tech surfboards that meet their needs at the highest levels of performance surfing.

While Nev has considerable shaping expertise, due to the sophistication of our computerized design programs and shaping equipment, we prefer to call him a Designer. Drawing on his actual shaping expertise and combining it with the unlimited design capabilities of Firewire’s CAD/CAM platform, Nev has the tools to take surfboard design into the next frontier, a place where materials have as important an influence on performance as proven design principles.

In fact, we believe that just like the influence that Future Shapes Technology
has already had on surfboard performance, the next quantum leaps forward will be centered around completely new materials and how those materials allow us to re-tweak longstanding beliefs surrounding shape.

To that end, Firewire is committed to advancing surfboard performance through refinements to shape combined with new materials and construction techniques in our quest to re-define the ‘Future of Shape’.